TBMM Corrective Exercise

Healthy Lifestyles With Maurie, LLC

A Unique Corrective Approach To Ease Body Pain

Healthy Lifestyles with Maurie, LLC focuses on helping you build a fit and strong body so that you can enjoy all the activities and sports you love. Our individualized programs focus on utilizing whole-body movements that develop integrated strength and functional movements ensuring your body remains pain-free and fully functional.

The BioMechanics Method is a revolutionary approach to chronic pain relief. It centers around biomechanically-based structural assessments that identify poor alignment and body mechanics that negatively affect muscles and soft tissue structures.

Every aspect of The BioMechanics is taught in a step-by-step manner to ensure that you are comfortable and familiar with what you will need to do at each stage of the process.

As a TBMM corrective exercise specialist, I am proficient in understanding human anatomy and movement, can evaluate musculoskeletal structures for problematic deviations, and in designing corrective exercise programs that swiftly target and eliminate pain. I can appreciate how malalignments of any kind can create pain, injury, and dysfunction throughout the entire body and can use the results of your individualized consultation and assessment to pinpoint your specific needs.