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I’d Like to Order Some Extra Calories…

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Would you like to order up some extra calories?  That’s what you do every time you eat outside of the home.

Make no bones about it: Eating out generally equates with poorer eating habits compared to eating at home, despite “advances” in the past few years in terms of healthier menu options. Case in point: a recent study that suggests people who eat at fast-food or sit-down (full-service) restaurants consume approximately 200 additional calories each day they do so.


The study, published in Public Health Nutrition asked more than 12,000 adults ages 20-64 about their eating habits on two separate days as part of the latest National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. People who ate fast food consumed 194 extra calories a day compared to people who did not eat out; while people who ate at full-service restaurants consumed an additional 205 calories daily. Eating out also led to higher intake of saturated fat and particularly sodium compared to not eating out.



While fast food is certainly a convenience, and the sit-down restaurant is a time-honored tradition for many families, extra calories and other negative nutritional consequences may be the result. The bottom line: Treat eating out as just that – an occasional treat – and ensure the majority of your meals are prepared at home using fresh, whole foods. Ask Maurie Cofman, C.E.S. personal trainer in St. Louis, Brentwood and Clayton, MO, how to make quick and easy meals at home. And talk to your St. Louis personal trainer for more information.

For more information on how eating out can cause you to eat more calories, contact Maurie Cofman, C.E.S. personal trainer in St. Louis, Brentwood, and Clayton, MO.