Would you like slimmer thighs and a tighter rear end?


We Brentwood, MO personal trainers get it!  You want lean, strong legs (and a tight lifted rear end!).  The problem is, in the quest for toned thighs, we often overdo it and end up with big, bulky legs–not the goal at all. But that’s exactly what many leg-heavy exercises give you.  Not to mention that they leave the muscles in your rear totally sedentary, leading to flat-butt syndrome.  We Clayton, MO personal trainers are not saying don’t ever run or spin or use the leg press machine at the gym, but doing so several times a week can create thigh thickness.  And then you’ll be wondering why instead of going down a pants size, you’ll be going up!  To keep your legs in perfect proportion with the rest of your frame, use these four moves to include in your workout routine  suggested by St. Louis personal trainers.



To build a great lower body, you need moves that target the muscles running from hip to heel.  These four exercises work multiple muscles at once while improving balance and strength.  The best part:  You will feel the burn not only in the working leg but in the supporting leg, as well.  Do this sequence in order (first on the right side, then on the left), plus 30 to 60 minutes of cardio, six times a week and you’ll have chiseled thighs and gluteus in no time.  (Also, don’t forget to eat a lean and healthy diet as well).


1.  Elbow plank with attitude butt blaster

Start in plank on elbows, with right ankle resting on left calf and a slight bend in right knee.  A. Keeping knee bent, lift right leg.  B. Hold position, then pulse right leg up and down.  Do 30 reps.  Repeat on the left leg.  Hint:  engage your abs though out the move.

IMG_0100 Elbow plank with attitude butt blaster

2.  Cross knee and butt lift

Start on all fours, with a 3 lb. weight tucked into crook of right knee. A. Cross right knee behind left.  B. Lift right leg out to side until it’s at hip-height.  Return to “A” position.  Hint:  you can do this move without weights.

IMG_0102                    IMG_0103







3.  Attitude lift with hamstring stretch

Start on all fours, with right knee facing out to side and right shin crossed over left calf   A.  Keeping knee bent, lift right leg.   B. Lower back to start, then raise right leg, extending it up as you press left leg straight   C. Lower back to start.  Do 30 reps.  Hint:  lift leg as high as possible.


IMG_0104 attitude lift w- hamstring stretch middle



4.  Single arm side kick

Start on all fours.  Extend right leg back diagonally and point toe on ground; tuck left arm into chest  A.  Drop down to left forearm; as you lift right leg, bend knee, then extend leg straight out to side.   B.  Return to “A” position.  Do 30 reps.


single arm side kick end          IMG_0109






Be sure to switch it up every now and then so that your brain doesn’t figure it out and your body doesn’t change.


For more information on how to chisel your body, contact Maurie Cofman, personal trainer in St. Louis, Brentwood, and Clayton, MO.