Month: April 2019

Spring Into Health

Spring has sprung because March 20th marked the spring equinox – the astronomical start of spring. While that may not mean the common signs of spring such as warmer weather and blooming flowers, etc aren’t evident in your part of the world yet, this is a great time to start pursuing what we like to […]

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Six Ways to Burn More Calories in Daily Life

          Here are 10 scientifically ways to burn more calories First of all, you can burn 477 calories a day just by moving! 1.  For every 30 minutes of waking behavior, get your 3 minutes of movement. 2.  Walk briskly, regularly 3.  Try 30 s/60 s interval walking — walking comfortable […]

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Age Well with Weight Training

  Do you think you are too old to lift weights?  Think again!  Weight training by older people may build not only strength and muscle mass but also motivation and confidence, potentially spurring them to continue exercising.  People are worried that they might be too old or inept to start resistance training but feel they […]

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