Month: October 2018

Improve Office Posture

Do you spend a lot of time in an office environment?  If you do, you are spending hours in a seated position in front of a computer screen. Repetitive activities, such as typing for long periods of time in a slouched position, may negatively impact posture and mobility, potentially leading to pain especially in the […]

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Exercises to Prevent Golf Injuries

Are you a golfer?  Or do you just enjoy playing golf?  Either way, as a golfer, you want to stay injury-free to practice and play regularly, which ultimately lets you hone your skills and elevate your performance. To help avoid injury and boost level of play, you need to understand how two key muscle and […]

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Grocery Shopping Made Easy

Grocery shopping: You either love it or you hate it!  Either way, you’ve got to do it in order to eat. Cooking and preparing more food at home is a great way to shape up your diet. When it comes time to cruise your supermarket’s aisles, here are six simple steps to become a better […]

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