Month: May 2018

Non-Exercise Activity

                Would you like to increase your metabolism and lose some weight? Your metabolism is always working to burn energy. During periods of higher activity, your body will burn more calories than when you are at rest.  But even at rest, your body is always expending energy. How […]

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Exercises You Can Do in 5 Minutes

Are you a person who thinks you are too busy to exercise?  Then begin reading this article. Some movement is better than none, especially when busy schedules get in the way, and there are countless ways you can get in physical activity. Even small bouts of exercise can add up to big benefits. With some […]

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TRX Exercises that Help with Balance

  If you have poor balance and would like to improve it to help with fall prevention, then take a look at this blog. While balance has not traditionally been included in the four major components of health-related fitness—aerobic fitness, muscular fitness, flexibility and body composition—research confirms that both static and dynamic balance play a […]

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