Month: January 2017

5 Exercises Every Woman Should be Doing

Would you like to build strength to help perform activities of daily living? Then give this program a try for eight weeks and see how the strength you build carries over into other areas of your performance and life. You will need a TRX Suspension Trainer, an Ultimate Sandbag and two heavy kettlebells. Please keep […]

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The Common Mistakes People Make When Warming Up

Has anyone told you to “warm up” before you exercise or play sports? Or more importantly, do you warm up before exercise or sport? What’s easy to do is also easy not to do, and the biggest mistake people make is skipping this important component of exercise. Here’s what you need to know to warm […]

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Are you are ready for a pectoral-pumping workout that doesn’t involve push-ups? Then this workout is for you. Each move is guaranteed to train some or all of the muscles used in push ups without doing a single push-up. BENCH PRESS One of the all-time classic exercises is the bench press. This basic yet effective […]

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