Month: September 2016

Beware of the BBQ

Do you enjoy grilling meat over a BBQ? A lot of people do, but it may not be the best thing for us. Here’s why: Cooking animal flesh over a hot open flame triggers a series of chemical reactions that yield a meal loaded with carcinogens. Scientists have been warning us about this danger for […]

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Gun Show

Would you like to add a little definition to your arms so you can show them off at your next event? If you want shapely, sexy arms, then try this strength training workout, from St. Louis, Brentwood, and Clayton, MO personal trainers. Strong, well-defined arms create a visual effect that lets others know that you […]

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6 Diet and Nutrition Myths Debunked

Do diet foods help you lose weight and do you try to eat these diet foods? Throughout the years, many people have come to believe wildly inaccurate diet and nutrition myths. Food marketing has had a tremendous impact on shaping perceptions about food, diet and nutrition, and it’s challenging to separate fact from fiction. Below […]

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