Month: April 2016

Tasty Swaps

  Do you hunt for ways to cut calories by using drastic dietary measures?  Well, major diet changes like juice cleanses aren’t easy to stick with over the long haul and in the end leave you hungry and tired with a slow metabolism. A better, more sustainable approach to whittling the waistline is to look […]

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Workplace Workouts

  Why It’s Good to Work Out at Work Regular exercise is essential for physical health, but knowing this may not be enough motivation to get office workers moving. Fortunately, plenty of research shows that getting in even a short walk during the workday can lead to a happier, productive and successful work experience.   […]

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You Can Change

  Are you trying to lose weight, eat more healthfully or stop smoking? Have you tried to change but not been able to do so? Well, don’t chalk it up to lack of willpower!   When we try to change behavior, most of us get caught in “the willpower trap”—the fundamental belief that personal motivation […]

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Five Variations of the Lunge

  Why would you want to have strong, powerful legs? Because it builds a solid foundation for the body. While squats and deadlifts can be used to start a foundation, lunges can add the perfect finishing touch to your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves. Here are several lunge variations from Brentwood, MO personal trainers that […]

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