Month: December 2015

An Education in Exercise

  Would you like to know the secret to the fountain of youth? Not a complex diet or a new pill, but EXERCISE, that word we all love to hate.   It’s pretty simple: One of the leading causes of aging is lack of movement. A sedentary lifestyle is bad news at any age, but […]

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How Fat Affects Prostate Cancer

  Would you like to know how fat affects prostrate cancer?  Then take a look at this recent study.   K.M. Di Sebastiano and M. Mourtzakis published a review paper examining the role of dietary fat on prostate cancer development and progression late last year that does a stellar job of summarizing the available data […]

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Build Your Biceps Workout

  Would  you like to have strong, sculpted biceps?  Strong and sculpted biceps not only look good, but also have practical uses for daily living skills. Strong biceps help you with any type of pulling movement, such as pulling weeds or raking, and also aid in lifting and carrying movements, such as carrying bags of […]

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