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Month: September 2015

10-minute Biceps Workout

  Would you like to have sexy sculpted arms?  Then give this 10 minute workout a shot:   The biceps brachii and the brachialis are the two main muscles responsible for bending the elbow. When these muscles are strong, they allow you to easily pick up, pull and carry objects. They even help you lift […]

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Self Myofacial Release for Seniors

    What is facia and did you know it’s important to take care of it? Facia is connective tissue in your body.  The health of connective tissue is a serious concern for older people, as movement restrictions can make it hard for them to perform simple activities of daily living. The condition of our […]

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10 Minute Core Workout

Would you like to have a strong core and midsection?  Then take a look at this awesome 10 minute core workout.   The muscles of the torso are important for supporting and moving the spine, as well as stabilizing the pelvis, which influences posture and gait. Integrating static-hold exercises along with dynamic movements in your […]

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