Month: June 2015

Eating Healthy Made Simple

  Are you trying to eat clean but find that nine times out of 10, your best intentions to eat healthfully go awry and, ultimately, end up backfiring, causing you to fall off the healthy-eating track. Here are three common clean-eating dinnertime mistakes and how to fix them from St. Louis personal trainers.   Mistake […]

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Don’t Forget the Fish

  How much fish do you eat in one week?  Or do you eat fish at all?  Take a look at this study.   Vegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters, take note: A recent study suggests you can dramatically reduce your risk of colorectal cancer with a simple dietary addition: fish. According to the study, published in […]

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Are You Swimsuit Ready?

  Are you swimsuit ready?  Well, unfortunately, the dreaded swimsuit season is upon us. It’s time to see just how much our bodies have changed over the course of a long winter, which can be an eye-opening experience. The fitness industry knows how traumatic this can be for you; that’s why every year there are […]

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