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Month: March 2015

Sleep – The Foundation for Fueling Your Brain

  How much sleep do you get in one night?  And is this enough?   Sleep is a critical part of the foundation for health and wellness. As busy as we are, it isn’t a surprise that sleep is usually the first pillar of the foundation to give. Unfortunately, skimping on sleep can have a […]

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The Biomechanics of Obesity

    Do you think that corrective exercise is just for post rehab?  And did you know that chronic pain can be caused by obesity?  Read this interview between ACE (American Council on Exercise), who I am certified through and Justin Price, MA, creator of the Biomechanics Method also who I am certified through in […]

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Spring Into Shape

  It’s been a long Winter and Spring is just around the corner so for many people, that signals the first day of their quest to get into the shape they’ve always desired. Why Spring? Perhaps because it represents renewal, rebirth – the re-emergence of plants that shed their leaves for winter, animals that went […]

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