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Month: November 2014

Adopting A “Don’t Tell” Stance With Kids And Healthy Food

  Do you tell your kids how healthy a food is for them in order to get them to eat it?  Then take a look at this study.   Whether eating carrots will improve eyesight or consuming spinach will build Popeye-like strength is immaterial to children. In fact, telling them such things as a way […]

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Train Your Brain to Crave the Right Foods

Does your brain crave the right foods?  Here’s a study on how you can train your brain to crave the right foods. You can train your brain to do just about anything – recall long strings of numbers or countless steps to complete a task; even when to fall asleep and wake up. But what […]

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Preventing Indoor Cycling Injuries

Do you like to ride indoors in a Spinning Class now that colder weather is approaching?  Well, let’s stay injury-free by applying these safety precautions. Although indoor cycling is a nonimpact activity, riders are not immune to injury. Cycling, biomechanics experts, and certified personal trainers offer these suggestions to ensure that your biking workouts stay […]

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