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Month: September 2014

How to Prevent Swayback Syndrome

Do you suffer from constant back pain?  It could be swayback syndrome.  So what exactly is swayback syndrome or what is lordosis? The term lordosis refers to the normal inward curvature of the lumbar and cervical regions of the spine.  Excessive or hyper-lordosis can happen and lordosis and hyper-lordosis is commonly referred to as sway […]

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Low Vitamin D = Alzheimer’s?

Are you worried about getting alzheimer’s disease?  Then take a look at this recent study. There is no known cure for alzheimer’s disease, a progressive form of dementia characterized by short-term memory loss, confusion, irritability and mood swings, among other symptoms. Despite the lack of a cure for this neurodegenerative disorder, recent evidence suggests a […]

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I’d Like to Order Some Extra Calories…

Would you like to order up some extra calories?  That’s what you do every time you eat outside of the home. Make no bones about it: Eating out generally equates with poorer eating habits compared to eating at home, despite “advances” in the past few years in terms of healthier menu options. Case in point: […]

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Diet vs. Exercise?

So, which is better to get fit and healthy – diet or exercise? In a perfect world, everyone would work out enough and eat right all the time. But that’s not always possible, so we turned to the St. Louis personal trainers and experts to find out what really matters most—dieting or exercise—for losing weight, […]

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