Month: June 2014

Proven Benefits of Pilates

Are you curious abut Pilates?  Then join the crowd.  Pilates continues to grow in popularity, and its practice is now familiar to people around the world.  Maybe you’ve already experienced the effectiveness of Pilates or are thinking about taking lessons. Good news! Researchers have proven certain benefits of this form of exercise. Even personal trainers […]

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Hot Weather Exercise

Do you love to exercise outside in the fresh air, but certain times during the year are downright hot and sticky? Yeah, it’s challenging to exercise outdoors when you have harsh summer conditions. Knowing how to handle these outdoor conditions will protect you from fatigue and heat-related diseases. A few Brentwood, MO personal trainers got […]

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Training For a Marathon

Have you ever wanted to run a marathon but weren’t sure how to start?  Take a look at this article. Whether you want to run a marathon for the thrill of it, to cross it off your bucket list or to qualify for the prestigious Boston Marathon, it all starts with a single step. When […]

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Four Exercise Mistakes You Should Avoid

As a personal trainer in the St. Louis, Brentwood and Clayton, MO area, I have seen some pretty bad cardio mistakes.  Are you guilty of making these four exercise mistakes?  Read on to see how you can correct them. 1.  Putting the cardio machine on real high so you think you are getting a better […]

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