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Month: May 2014

Five Healthy Things You Should Be Doing

Do you find it hard to stick to healthy eating habits and a little overwhelming?  Take a look at the blog below. When it comes to trying to eat more healthfully, there are so many things we could be doing. However, as my Brentwood, MO personal training clients often tell me, they feel overwhelmed by […]

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How Much Protein Is Too Much?

Do you believe that high protein diets will help you lose weight?  Let’s find out. Protein is the latest item to be given the health halo effect, a phenomenon that leads people to overestimate the healthfulness of a food based on one quality. With customers convinced that protein-rich foods will help them lose weight, boost […]

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Strengthening your most vulnerable muscles and joints (hips, hamstrings, knees) goes a long way toward remaining healthy.  The stronger these areas are, the better able your body will be able to cope with the pounding.  Here are some great exercises to do created by Clayton, MO personal trainers.  Do these moves three times a week […]

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Here are some of the best exercises to do to get in shape for Spring.  Created by some of the best Brentwood, MO personal trainers around.  All can be done in the privacy of your home and will take about 30-45 minutes to complete depending on how many sets you do. Personal Trainer tip:  Do […]

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