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Month: April 2014

Three Steps to a Healthier Dinner

Are you too busy to make a nutritious supper?  Not anymore!  Start with a few choice ingredients and you’ll have power meals on the table in a flash.   By stocking your fridge and pantry and doing a bit of advance prep, you can throw together a healthy and satisfying supper.  Here’s how:   STEP […]

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Supercharge the Ab Crunch

  Are you looking for something different to work your abs other than the ab crunch?  Let’s take a look and see how you can super charge the ab crunch. The basic crunch is one of the most common exercises used to train the abdominal muscles and one that a lot of Clayton, MO personal […]

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  Have you been working out hard and consistent with your St. Louis personal trainer and your diet is “clean” yet your waist line doesn’t budge?  Well, did you know that hormones play a big factor in the belly fat equation?  Below are two plans to help get rid of belly fat.  Read on and […]

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6 Workout Rules to Ignore

  O.K., I admit it. Even though I work in the fitness industry I managed to slack off a bit once in awhile. A few missed workouts, plus some extra meals means that it’s time to get cranking back in the gym. If you can relate, then you know the feeling of wanting to push […]

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