Month: November 2013

Exercise Improves Stress Hormone Response In Kids

      How active are your kids?  Yeah, I know the life of a child can be stressful as he navigates school, peer relationships and other childhood circumstances. Yet a new study has found that being physically active may help children manage stress more efficiently. Published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism […]

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Help For Hunched Backs

  Do you have a hard time raising your arms to wash your hair, putting dishes in an overhead cupboard or pulling on a sweatshirt? Do you have frequent neck pain or soreness and even headaches?  Then you may be suffering from excessive thoracic kyphosis (ETK). ETK is a disproportionate forward rounding or curvature of […]

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Do What Your Mother Told You – Eat Breakfast

  Do you eat breakfast everyday?  Well, it might just mean that your mother was right in telling you to eat your breakfast. Researchers at Tel Aviv University discovered that eating a high-calorie breakfast and reducing intake at dinner is beneficial and might be a useful alternative for managing obesity and metabolic syndrome. Overweight and […]

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Have You Been Misinformed on Exercise Form?

  If you exercise regularly—and have friends that do, too—you’ve probably heard a number of tips about how to perform certain exercises to maximize safety and effectiveness—but have you been given the right info? Find out which common cues might not be quite entirely accurate, and learn from certified personal trainers in the St. Louis, […]

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