Month: September 2013

Overhaul Your Spice Rack

When was the last time you overhauled your spice rack? Chances are, most of what’s languishing in your cabinet is old enough to have a driver’s license. If this sounds familiar, do yourself and your cooking a “flavor favor” by beginning anew. I love to cook healthy and flavorful meals, so try these tips for […]

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Stability Ball Exercises to Sculpt a Sexy Body

  Do you want a sculpted, sexy body but don’t want to go to he gym?  Try these stability ball exercises in the comfort of your own home.   To get in shape from head-to-toe, combine strength training and cardio for a full-body workout, says Maurie Cofman, Personal Trainer in Brentwood, MO. Too often we […]

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Natural Ways to Beat PMS

Hey guys– this is for you too since you may have a wife, girlfriend or even sister that you live with which by helping her with PMS, will help you as well. Do your PMS symptoms control your mood and behavior?  Do you feel tired and irritable often grabbing unhealthy food to comfort these feelings?  […]

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