Month: September 2012

Five Ways to Get More Fiber

Do you know if you are getting enough fiber in your diet? For the average person and personal training client, consuming enough fiber for the day is a challenge. Fiber not only helps our digestive system work well, but it also aids in weight loss and good overallhealth. So, what is the key to getting more fiber in your […]

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Crunch Your Way to a Stronger, Tighter Mid-section

Turn on the TV and you’re likely to come across an infomercial trying to sell you the latest product or video guaranteed to flatten and tone your stomach. For just $29.95 (and up), you too can have a washboard stomach or “abs of steel”. While there is nothing inherently wrong with most of these products, […]

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Resistance Training Improves Mental Health

Do you still need to be convinced to perform strength training? A lot of my personal training clients are realizing that strength training has many health-related benefits, including a lower risk of all causes of mortality, fewer cardiovascular events (i.e., heart attacks, strokes), improved body composition, better glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity, and lower blood […]

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