Read Through Feedback From My Happy Clients


Rick Rosenfeld

Professor, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Missouri – St. Louis, MO

"Motivation has always been my problem with exercising. With Maurie’s workout program she designed for me, I’m getting my goals met. She is a knowledgeable, serious, and conscientious personal trainer. I’ve learned a great deal from her about exercise, health, and nutrition. She works hard to make sure that every workout counts. I would not have been able to make the gains I have working on my own. I’m Hooked!”

Karen Meldrum


"Osteoporosis was originally the reason I started working out with Maurie two years ago. She helped design a workout program to strengthen my bones and was very attuned to my form. She also took into account my other medical issues so that my workout routine was personally customized. It was never boring. She kept me focused and always encouraged me. She sent my doctors progress reports; she conferred with them. She frequently picks up on things that my doctors haven’t noticed and asks me to call them and get checked out. She is truly part of my professional health team. This year I was in several car accidents and had enough neurological damage that my balance was making it difficult to walk, drive or see clearly. Currently we are working on a combination of strengthening exercises and balance exercises. The work is harder this time, but in a few short months, she has me doing things that I have not been able to do for over 20 years! I would recommend her as a personal trainer to anyone.”


Glen Light

Retired computer analyst

"As a 66 year old male, I have been a Type 2, non-insulin dependent Diabetic for 14 years, congestive heart failure 12 years ago and have high blood pressure. About 9 months ago, my spouse and I decided to enlist the services of Maurie Cofman, my personal trainer, in order to get a more balanced exercise program. The results have been remarkable! I have been able to reduce my daily diabetic medication by 75%. I also have more energy, my muscle tone has increase significantly and I have a better outlook on life. Recently, I went in to see my cardiologist, who was also very impressed with my results. My heart is stronger and clearer and now I don’t need to have a stress test every year. Now I consider the two most important people in my health program are my doctor, who I see every 3 months, and my trainer, Maurie, who I see twice a week.”

Note: Glen Light passed away on June 16, 2012. He was 73 years old. In 1995, Glen had undergone bi-pass surgery and his Cardiologist said this might buy him 10 years. He surpassed that timeframe to 17 years. His wife thanked me for helping Glen become more active which gave him 7 more years.


Lynn Tobin

Wife of Dr. Garry Tobin of Washington University Physician, Diabetes Specialist

“Who could have guessed that four years ago, I would meet Maurie, a trainer who has literally altered my life? Her genuine enthusiasm for fitness, nutrition and health is both inspiring and motivating. Because of her always well-organized, challenging and up-to–date workouts, I can wear sleeveless shirts, feel energetic and avoid osteoporosis, all at the same time. Most importantly, she keeps me coming to the gym, where I can count on a professional, productive and fun workout. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to get into the best shape of their life!”

Trish Van’t Hof


"Maurie is my personal trainer and I truly enjoy her approach to a healthy lifestyle. Maurie gives you a balanced workout that she is constantly changing up to fit your needs. Maurie is flexible, accommodating, and working hard to help you achieve your goals."

NancyHolekamp - crop

Nancy M. Holekamp

MD,Director, Retinal Services, Pepose Vision Institute, Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology, Washington University School of Medicine, Saint Louis, Missouri 63110

"I have been working out with Maurie for about 4 years and I have never felt better! My metabolism is up, my weight is down, and all my clothes fit great! I could not have done it without her. Not only will she meet me at 5:15 am to work out, she comes with a carefully planned, balanced workout specifically designed for me. And the work-out, while challenging, is fun. I actually enjoy it!"

Donna Shanner


“I started training wih Maurie in Feb, of 2004 because I had several issues with my neck and low back due to a car accident 16 years ago. I also wanted to get stronger and feel better overall. Maurie has helped me strengthen my whole spine with core exercises that we do weekly. My overall mood is better and I never miss a session because the workout is always fun and motivating. I’ve referred my wife, daughter and my brother in law to her and I would reccommend her to anyone who wants to improve their health.”

Katie Virant Willard


"Maurie is an ideal trainer for people like me who are living with chronic illness. She is knowledgeable, flexible and compassionate: she’s found ways to enable me to work out in ways that are best for my body. She is constantly tweaking and modifying the workout, based on how my body feels. I am stronger and fitter, and I am not worried that I have to experience pain to attain the benefits of training. Thank you, Maurie!"

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