Balance & Functional Training

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Learn About My Personalized Approach to Balance and Functional Training

Falling is a significant and traumatic experience. Whether it results in an injury or not, a fall, or near-fall, produces fear and concern. When we are young, we recover easily from a fall and usually assume that it will not happen again or at least not be a frequent occurrence in our activities. As we grow older, the fear of injury and of losing control over our lives becomes stronger.

Balance training exercises and drills have been shown to significantly improve balance and mobility and reduce the risk of falling. If you are concerned about your balance, I will design balance exercises and drills at the beginning of our session to help you improve your balance.

Functional training is a mind-body, "whole-person" approach to fitness. The fitness industry is booming with state-of-the-art techniques to make people live stress-free lives. Functional training is one of those ways. Not only does this training help you lose weight and firm muscles, but you'll also build core strength and stability, gain agility and coordination, helping you function better in everyday life.

Balance and functional training go hand in hand. My goal as your trainer is to bring cutting-edge training to your life today, so you can live healthier, more fitly, and more productively.