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Hello, and thank you for your interest in my services! I am a personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist serving clients in Brentwood, Clayton, and St. Louis, Missouri.

I am also a certified medical exercise specialist and a health coach all certified by ACE – the American Council on Exercise. My expertise includes training as a clinical exercise specialist, certified medical exercise specialist, and The BioMechanical corrective exercise specialist. I am also an elite personal trainer with IDEA The Health and Fitness Association.

As a clinical exercise and certified medical exercise specialist, I can train clients with health challenges, such as heart disease, diabetes, and musculoskeletal injuries just to name a few. I also am a certified trainer in the TBMM-CES method of training - TBMM is the Biomechanics Method of training - a systematic process of postural assessment and corrective exercise used by health and fitness professionals in over 25 countries to help people alleviate chronic pain.

With over 25 years of experience, I specialize in weight management, strength and core conditioning, and balance and functional training.

I believe having a trainer is a team effort-- I provide the tools to use, and you provide the effort.

If you've decided it's time to adopt a healthier lifestyle and need some personal help, call me for a free evaluation.

"With the rise in the obesity epidemic, I have become passionate about helping people make informed decisions about their exercise and nutrition habits. Because not only will I train you, but I will teach you and help you reach your fitness goals."

Remember: "It's never too late to start an exercise program!"

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