Video Text - Unilateral One Arm DB Flye


The name of this exercise is called Unilateral one arm DB flye. This is my client Mark and he’s going to perform the exercise while I’ll explain it. This exercise will work your whole chest area, the pectoralis major and minor, plus the front of the shoulders and through your core and your hip stabilizers as well.

So, Mark is going to get into a bridge position, his head, neck and shoulders stay on the BOSU. He’s going to lift his hips up and he has a fitness ball in one hand and he’s going to bring his arms together into the middle. Very good.

Now, to regress this exercise, all Mark’s going to do is put his hips down and perform the exercise this way. Very good.

Now, to progress this exercise, Mark is going to get back up into that bridge position and this time, he’s going to bring one leg up and then perform the exercise that way.

And that is the Unilateral one arm DB flye. My name is Maurie Cofman and I can be reached at 314-517-1565.