Video Text TRX Roll Out

The name of this exercise is called TRX Roll Out. May name is Maurie Cofman and this is my client, Mark and he's going to demonstrate the exercise while I'll explain it.

This exercise works strictly core, all the way from the top of the abdominals and even into the back extensors and the hips.

Now, profession 1, Mark is going to put his hands in the handles and face the anchor point and the TRX is at mid-length and with straight arms, he's going to roll out and then back in. Good. One more time. Now, progression 2, he's going to get on his knees and roll out - still facing away from the anchor point. Good. Now, progression 3, he's still going to be on his knees, but this time he's going to face away from the anchor point. Come around this way and roll out. Very good.

And that is the TRX roll out. My name is Maurie Cofman and I can be reached at 314-157-1565.