Video Text TRX Pike Up

The name of this exercise is called TRX Pike up. It's going to work your entire core area and it's also going to strengthen your chest and shoulders.

So, here's my client, Mark again and he's going to demonstrate the exercise while I'll explain it. So Mark is going to get into this TRX. He's going to put one foot in the opposite foot cradle and the other foot in the other foot cradle and then he's going to flip towards and he's in a plank position and from here, he's going to pike it up. Good. Good.

Now, to regress this exercise, all Mark's going to do is tuck his knees into his chest. Good. Now, to process this exercise, Mark is going to add a pushup. So, pike it up, now add the pushup. And again. And then come down and shake those feet out of the foot cradles.

And this is called again TRX Pike Up. My name is Maurie Cofman and I can be reached at 314-157-1565.