Video Text - TRX Front Squats

The name of this exercise is called TRX Front Squat. It's going to work your hips, your legs, and especially your core. This is my client Mark and he's going to demonstrate the exercise while I'll explain it.

Now, I just want to congratulate my client Mark on losing 5 pounds. In case you haven't noticed, Mark has lost 5 pounds. I think it's because he's been doing these videos don't you?

Alright, so Mark, this is the TRX and you're going to put the handles right under your armpits. Now, get into a deep angle, yes and now from here, your'e going to squat it out. Yes, good, one, two , and three. Now to progress this exercise , all Mark's going to do is add a hop when he squats. Good.

This exercise again is called TRX front squat. My name is Maurie Cofman and I can be reached at 314-517-1565.