Video Text - One Legged Crunches from the BOSU Ball

The name of this exercise is called one legged crunches from the BOSU ball. This is my client Mark and he’s going to perform the exercise while I’ll explain it. This exercise works the whole rectus abdominis which is the whole abdominal area and the obliques.

So, Mark’s going to get into a supine, incline position, which is just a wedge position, one leg is bent and the other leg is straight and he’s going to bring both his upper and lower body into the middle in a crunch.

Now, to progress this exercise, and to add more balance challenge, Mark’s going to get back into that supine, incline position and now he’s going to take the leg that is bent off the floor and perform the exercise from here. Very good.

And that is one legged crunches from the BOSU ball. My name is Maurie Cofman and I can be reached at 314-517-1565.