Video Text - One Arm DB Row from the Ball


The name of this exercise is called One Arm DB Rows from the Ball. This is my client Mark and he’s going to be performing the exercise while I’ll explain it.

This exercise works the whole back - the lats, rhomboids, traps, your rear deltoids and some of your biceps.

So, Mark’s going to place one hand on the ball, get into one long line, take his opposite leg back so he’s stable, then he’s going to grab a dumbbell, square off his shoulders and he’s going to row. Good. Very good.

Now, to make this one step, maybe 3 steps harder and to add some core and balance challenge, Mark is going to raise is his leg this time and perform the exercise. Very difficult.

This exercise once again is called One Arm DB Rows from the Ball. My name is Maurie Cofman and I can be reached at 314-517-1565.