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My name is Maurie Cofman and I am an Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer and Health Coach all certified by ACE - the American Council on Exercise. I am also an Elite Personal Trainer with IDEA - the Health and Fitness Association. I have been training hundreds of people just like you out there since 1997. The CES in my title stands for Clinical Exercise Specialist which means I can train people with special health concerns such as heart disease, diabetes and musculoskeletal injuries just to name a few.

So, this video is about how to get motivated.

1. Why do you fall off the workout bandwagon?
• Too tired
• Too boring
• Too hard

That's what we're going to talk about tonight. I'm here to tell you that everybody has motivation.

2. Everyone has motivation.
Most people view lack of exercise as a motivational problem but this is not necessarily true. It's more important to figure why you don't exercise.
• Wanting to spend more time with family
• Trying to get more done at work
• Avoiding anticipated pain, fatigue or embarrassment

Address these issues.

3. Have a clear goal in mind and be clear about what you want and why.
• Think about what will make you healthy and whole. Ask yourself "If I were committed to my exercise program for the next 6 months, what outcome would I most desire?"
• Go from "I want to be fit" or "I will exercise more" to "I will strength train 3 times a week" or "I will walk 2 miles a every Monday, Wednesday and Friday."

4. Be realistic
• Kids sick? Late meetings at work? Back pain flares up?
• In an ideal world, how much would you exercise in one week?
• How much time do you have for exercise this week?

5. Get out a piece of paper and write these questions down:
• What is my most important exercise goal?
• What would be the most positive outcome of meeting this goal?
• What is the biggest obstacle to this goal?

6. Now write these questions down:
• When and where is this obstacle most likely to occur?
• What can I do to prevent this obstacle from happening?
• What will I do to help get back to my exercise goal when this obstacle happens?
Repeat this exercise everyday.

7. The Power of Remorse
• Anticipate how much you'll regret skipping a workout

8. Hire a Personal Trainer
▪ Consider hiring a personal trainer to help you reach your goals and keep you on track.
▪ I help motivate you, encourage you and make exercise fun.

Contact Maurie Cofman at 314-517-1565 or

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