Video Text - Flat DB Press from Ball

The name of this exercise is called Flat Dumbbell Press from the Ball. This is my client Mark and he's going to demonstrate the exercise while I'll explain it.

This exercise will work your whole chest area, your pectorals major and minor, your shoulder girdle and your triceps. Plus it's also going to work your core because you are on an unstable surface. Plus it will work balance.

Now, I'm going to have Mark start seated and then he's going to roll out into a flat, tabletop position-grab the dumbbells first. His head, neck and shudders are all on the ball and he's bracing himself on the ball. Then, from here, he's going to press the dumbbells up, meet it in the middle and come back down. And again. Very good. Place the dumbbells down and roll back up which also works your core. Now, to regress this exercise, all you have to do is get on a stable surface such as a bench and perform the exercise.

To progress this exercise, Mark's going to grab just one dumbbell this time, get back out to that table top position and press the dumbbell up from here. Now, this progression will work your core a little more. Very good and come down.

This exercise is called Flat Dumbbell Press from the Ball. My name is Maurie Cofman and I can be reached at 314-517-1565.