Video Text Corective Exercise

My name is Maurie Cofman and I am a BioMechanical Corrective Exercise Specialist.

What does this mean and how can I help you? Here is my client, Mark and he's here to demonstrate how to explain it.

Mark is a very active guy who used to run as part of his fitness routine and enjoyed it. He also likes to play tennis once or twice a week. He doesn't run anymore because when he does so, he gets knee pain and his calves tighten up causing him to miss out on his weekly tennis game for the next 2 or 3 weeks. When this happens, his fitness level goes down. Mark also complains about low back pain once in awhile.

So, I'm going to start Mark out with a complete structural assessment. As you can see, Mark already has his socks and shoes off.

The structure of our frame all start at the base of our skeleton - the feet. Now, as you can see, Mark tends to over pronate (his toes are turned inward), which causes his knees to turn inward. This could be causing his knee pain when he runs. Mark, if your could, flex your feet. As you can see, Mark can't fully flex his foot which can cause his calves to tighten up because his feet are in an elevated position all day long. Also, when his knees turn inward, caused by his overpronted feet, this causes his back to anterior rotate (his back is titled up and forward). This could be causing his occasional low back pain. Also, Mark has rounded shoulders and too much space around his neck area which causes his arms to internally rotate. This will eventually cause shoulder and neck pain.

Now that I have given Mark a complete structural assessment, we will sit down together and design exercises to correct his structural imbalances and get him back to running without knee pain and his calves tightening up.

This is what I can do for you. If you have aches and pains that are preventing you from reaching your fitness goals, contact me, Maurie Cofman at 314-517-1565 or you can visit me at