Strength and Core Conditioning

Having a strong core is central to having a strong and healthy body. The core which consists of our rib cage, abdominals and entire spine area, is our power house. Without a strong core, your every day function in life is compromised and you will age much faster.

This is also true of strength training. The benefits of Strength Training are:

• Protects bone health and muscle mass
• Makes you stronger and fitter
• Helps you develop better body mechanics
• Plays a role in disease prevention
• Boosts energy levels and improves mood
• Translates to more calories burned

The first time we meet, I will give you a complete assessment which will help me determine a base line marker for you. Then along with your goals and any injuries you may have, I will develop a strength program for you.

Each session will be balanced to work your entire body - including the core. As you progress, We will start adding in more weight and different techniques to keep your body challenged. You will see marked results if you and I work as a team.