Work Place Weight Gain

Does your workplace look like a bakery or candy store? Desktop candy jars and office celebrations? All these provide a steady stream of sugary indulgence that can sabotage the most strident dieter’s efforts., says St. Louis, MO Personal Trainer, Maurie Cofman, C.E.S.

While coffee breaks and corporate parties can foster camaraderie, they entice mindless eating. Here are a few tips for taming workplace temptation:

• Put a lid on goodies. Covering them with foil or a lid will curb mindless munching (Wansink 2006).
• View the veggies: Leave these uncovered to promote healthier grazing.
• When dining with a co-worker, split large portions.
• Socialize and celebrate without food.
• Limit happy-hour drinks/alcohol.
• Avoid desktop dining.
• Limit the “office feeder” influence.
• Set an example: Bring in healthier snacks like fresh fruit, and replace the candy with dried fruit or nuts.
• Support co-workers who are trying to lose weight.

For more information on how to avoid workplace weight gain, contact, Maurie Cofman, C.E.S. personal trainer in St. Louis, Brentwood and Clayton, MO.