Lose Those Extra Pounds Now!

If your stomach protrudes over your waist, a friend calls you chubby, or you had to throw out your girdle because it “shrunk” in the wash, you may have considered a diet.  Typically, a diet starts with total abstinence of food most of the day followed by ravenous binging as hunger increases.  Other St. Louis Personal Trainers and I would not recommend this regimen for losing weight, but it might be effective if you plan on entering the next Olympics as a Sumo wrestler!

In this healthy tip, I’m going to help you avoid over-eating and going on a diet by giving you some healthier food choices. Whether staying home or dining out, here are seven way to help you lose weight now before the holidays get here.

1. The Big H2/0.  Start your meal with a big glass of water.  My daughter says “Surf’s UP!” because I tell the server I want lots of water throughout my meal.  In fact, I want to see him/her a lot.  I don’t want my glass to go below half full without water (and lemon) in it!  Water fills you up without adding any calories (plus it’s free).

2. Anal Planners. My daughter calls me anal when it comes to food selection but who cares?  You see, I will choose a restaurant that prepares low-fat fare and preplan my menu choices before I arrive.  Or I’ll call ahead to make sure the establishment has what I desire.  Now, I don’t do this every time, but it helps to know in advance that I will be eating something low-fat and nutritious before I get there.

3. Aggressive Diners.  My daughter actually prefers to call me “assertive”.  That’s because if I don’t call ahead at the restaurant we’ll be going to, then I will actually tell the waiter how I would like my meal prepared! (My husband is the same; happy to help the chef in any way he can).  The idea is that restaurants are very accommodating and will prepare your meal the way you would like it. (You know, low-fat).  Now, if you’re going to your mother-in-law’s and she’s cooked all high-fat and calorie laden foods, then just eat a little bit, smaller portions, perhaps filling up on low fat foods before arriving there.  Tell her you’re just not hungry, but you just love her cooking!

4. Crazy Grazing.  Another strategy is to regularly consume small amounts of food throughout the day.  Going back to our Sumo wrestler; he wants to gain fat, so he will starve himself all day, slowing down his metabolism, and then consume a Thanksgiving dinner late at night.  This will help him gain fat.  I also had a client who ate 3 square meals a day and didn’t lose an ounce. She told me she loves to eat.  Eating is comfort.  Eating is fun.  And eating is tasty!  So, I had her start eating 5 to 6 small meals a day.  She not only enjoyed it, but lost 10 pounds in the process.  This method helps keep blood sugar levels stable and energy levels up.  Plus it staves off the “everything but the kitchen sink” hunger level.

5. Lean Carne.  How many of you really meat or a low-fat protein in your diet?  Meat is really not that bad (and actually important) if your selection of red meat is lean such bison or grass fed sirloin and ensure they are trimmed of excess fat.  I’ve also been buying this 95% fat-free hamburger which I get at Schnucks and of course if you eat poultry, choose white meat with the skin.

6. Carb Depleting.  I’m sure you’re familiar with Sugar Busters or the Atkins diet.  These diets were around in the 60’s, came back and gone again. Next time, they’ll be telling us to eat your carbohydrates, but cut out the fat and go easy on the protein!  These are just part of the fad diet cycles.  What I’m trying to tell you is don’t shortchange yourself by skipping foods that are good carbohydrate sources.  Include whole-grain choices such as brown rice and 100 % whole wheat products for additional nutrients and to increase your fiber intake.  And balance your protein, carbs and fats—make it just simple rules; don’t go on some fad diet (they’ll just change it anyway!)

7. Aluminum Sliding.  I always ask for salad dressings and sauces on the side.  And of course, by now, you know that this also drives my daughter nuts, but rather than the restaurant’s kitchen heaping dressings and sauces on your meal, this strategy lets you control the amount of fat you ingest.

If you find you have gained extra pounds during the holidays, you will need to hire a Certified Personal Trainer such as myself!

For more information on how to lose those 5 pounds now before the holidays, contact Maurie Cofman, AHFS, CES, TBMM-CES, Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist in St. Louis, Brentwood and Clayton, MO.