Upright Row

Stand facing a machine, holding onto the handle, arms straight down with palms facing inward. Using your shoulders, slowly lift upward until your hands are just below your chin. Pause for a moment and slowly lower the weight to the starting position. Keep your neck relaxed, avoiding the tendency to tighten it backward, especially if you have neck problems. There is a tendency, especially if you're lifting too much weight, to tighten and compress the neck area. If you have shoulder problems, keep the weight lower and do the first 3 or 4 reps going only to the breastbone area; then with each rep come a little higher. Also, try moving your hands closer together.

Alternates: The free weight version can be with a barbell or two dumbbells. The tubing version can be done while standing on the elastic tubing.

Cable upright row start

Cable upright row end