Turkish Get Up

Before squat racks and the bench press, the Turkish get-up (TGU) was a popular and recognized test of strength among athletes. The TGU is arguably the largest determinant of functional full-body strength, stability and mobility that exists in the strength and conditioning world. This exercise challenges single-leg hip stability, closed- and open-chain shoulder stability, shoulder mobility, core strength, spinal mobility, lower-body strength and mobility in various positions.

1 Lie on your back and place the kettlebell into a straight-arm position. Keep your eyes on the bell.
2 Bend the leg on the same side as the kettlebell and position the opposing arm on the floor at 45 degrees from the body.
3 Grasp the handle as you sit up along the line of your arm, first to elbow and then to hand. Keep the kettlebell arm down, packing the shoulder joint and keeping the opposite shoulder away from the ear.
4 Push from the heel of the bent leg and drive your hips in the air and into full hip extension. There should be a straight line from the kettlebell to the bottom hand.
5 Sweep the straight leg back under the body and through to a lunge position.
6 Take the hand off the floor and straighten the body; look forward.
7 Drive through the front heel and stand. Steady yourself and then reverse the movement.

Turkish Get Up start

Turkish get up middle

Turkish get up end