TRX Y to I Deltoid Raise

Benefits: Builds strength in shoulders, back and core.

Set-up: TRX fully lengthened

Start Position:
• Find end range of “I” position with arms extended overhead and body nearly upright. Keep tension on TRX.
• Step back into off-set foot stance, with weight on forward leg.
• Lean back, extending arms forward and shifting weight to rear leg.

Movement Description:
• Pull arms directly overhead into “I” position by squeezing shoulder blades together. Body weight will shift to front leg. Keep arms straight. Return to start position.
• Repeat movement, moving arms into “Y” position.
• Perform exercise for 30 seconds, alternating between “Y” and “I” arm positions.

Tip: Drive through shoulders and back, keeping tension on TRX at all times.

TRX Y to I start

TRX Y to I end