TRX Wide Stance Hip Hinge Stretch

Benefits: Increases hip mobility and reduces strain on hips and lower back by stretching inner thighs.

Set-up: Adjust TRX so that lowest point of foot cradles is 12" for ground.

Start Position:
• Face anchor point.
• Hold handles at hip height with palms facing down and arms extended straight in front.
• Position feet in widest stance possible with toes pointing forward.

Movement Description:
• Bend forward from hips by pressing tailbone back and reaching arms forward. Hold for 10 sec.
• Bend knees and lower pelvis down as much as possible for 6 pulses.
• Stand up and get into wide stance. Lunge to right side, dropping pelvis towards ground. Alternate sides for 8 reps.

Tip: To reduce intensity, move feet closer together and /or farther from anchor point. To intensify stretch, widen stance and/or move feet closer to anchor point.