TRX Standing Shoulder Stretch

Benefits: Improves posture by opening chest and increasing range of motion in shoulders.

Set-up: Adjust TRX so that the lowest point of foot cradles is 12” from ground.

Start Position:

Face away from the anchor point.

Hold handles at hip level with palms facing forward.

Walk forward until slight stretch is felt in shoulders. Stand with feet together.

Movement Description:

Intensify stretch by stepping forward with right leg. Lift through chest and squeeze shoulder blades.

Take 3 deep breaths and rotate hands so palms face up. To further intensify stretch, lower into half kneeling stance. Hold for 30 sec.

Switch legs and repeat.

Tip: Move back or remain standing if stretch is too intense. Stretch should be felt in shoulder muscles not shoulder joint.

TRX Standing shoulder stretch start

TRX Standing shoulder stretch end