TRX Preacher Triceps Extension

Benefits: Strengthens triceps, core, shoulders and back.

Set-up: Adjust TRX so that lowest point of foot cradles is 12" to 18" from ground.

Start Position:
• Kneel facing anchor point.
• Hold handles with a "palms up" grip directly underneath anchor point.
• Keep hands separated.
• Extend arms and bend forward at hips.

Movement Description:
• Lower torso slowly by bending elbows until hands are parallel with ears.
• Keep elbows pointing to ground, not out to sides.
• Return to start position by driving up with triceps, extending elbows until arms are straight.
• Perform 12-16 reps.

Tip: Keep shoulders, elbows and wrists aligned during the movement.

TRX Preacher Triceps ext start

Hand position preacher triceps extension
Hand Position

TRX Preacher triceps ext end