TRX Pike and Pushup

Also known as the atomic pushup.

Benefits: Strengthens chest, shoulders, arms, and core.

Set-up: Adjust TRX so that the lowest point of the foot cradles are 8"-12" form ground.

Start Position:
• Place feet toes-first into foot cradles.
• Position into a plank.
• Do not let hips sag.

Movement Description:
• Pike
• Raise hips in a pike by bending at waist. Keep legs straight and feet together.
• Return to start position.
• Perform for 30 secs.

• Pike with Push-up:
• Perform a pushup between each pike.
• Perform for 30 secs.

Keep back straight and dive head down between arms, look at feet as hips drive up into pike.

TRX Pushup and and Pike up start


TRX Pushup and Pike up end