TRX Lunge

Benefits: Builds leg strength, balance and power.

Set-up: Adjust TRX so lowest point of foot cradles is 8" to 12" from ground.

Start Position:
• Face away the anchor point.
• Place right foot into both foot cradles at once, toes in.
• Plant left foot approximately three feet in front of anchor point.
• Press suspended foot down into foot cradle.

Movement Description:
• Lower hips into lunge position. Suspended leg will move back. Keep weight on heel of grounded foot.
• Pressing down on heel of grounded foot, return to start position. Maintain balance and upright body posture.
• Perform for 30 secs. Repeat with other leg.

To increase intensity, tap floor with hand at bottom of each lunge and/or perform a plyometric leap when returning to start position.