TRX Hamstring Curls

Primary target: upper leg, hamstrings and core

Progression 1
Heels under Anchor Point; Hips Down
Lie face up, heels in foot cradles under anchor point, hips down, arms at sides
Curl heels to hips
Slowly return to start position
Press heels down throughout movement

Progression 2

Heels under Anchor Point; Hips Up
Perform exercise start with heels under anchor point and hips raised
Do not let hips rest on ground between reps; keep knees at 90 degree and hips up at top of movement.

Progression 3

Heels Slightly in Front of Anchor Point; Hips and Arms Up
Perform exercise starting with heels slightly in front of anchor point, hips and arms raised.

TRX Hamstring curls start

TRX Hamstring curls end