TRX Golf Rotation to Windmill

Benefits: Improves rotational mobility by stretching torso and hips.

Set-up: Adjust TRX so that lowest point of foot cradles is 12" from ground.

Start Position:
• Face anchor point with feet hip-width apart. Extend arms forward. Press down with palms on foot cradles just above knee height.
• Lean forward wit knees bent in a golfer's stance.

Tip: Allow feet to pivot naturally.

Movement Description:
• Rotate one arm without turning head. Alternate arm for 10 reps. Perform same movement with head following arm. Alternate for 10 reps.
• Without turning head, swing arms in golf swing. Alternate for 10 reps.
• Step forward. Position arms wider apart and swing them back, following through with hips and head. Alternate for 10 reps.



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