Reverse Lunge from BOSU

The goal of this exercise is to challenge muscular endurance and strength in the gluteals, quadriceps and hamstrings, as well as standing balance, core stabilization, hip/pelvis stabilization and foot/ankle stabilization.

Contact Point:

Tip a body bar on end and hold it on one side of the body to make the exercise easier. Start and end the exercise by standing on one leg on the dome to make it more challenging.

Visual Affect:

Focus the gaze directly ahead for less balance challenge. Turn the head and look over one shoulder at a time for more balance challenge.

External Stimulus:

Use heavier dumbbells or hold a weighted fitness ball in each hand to add resistance and additional challenge.


Reduce the depth of the lunge for an easier variation. Raise the knee up at at the end of the lunge and balance for more challenge.

Set up and alignment: Stand in a centered position on top of the dome with the feet about hip width apart or slightly narrower. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Shift all the weight onto one leg and lift the opposite heel in preparation to step off the dome.


Step back with one leg onto the floor. Slowly flex the knees to a maximum depth of 90 degrees of flexion. Allow the heel of the rear foot to lift, so that the ball of the foot is in contact with the floor. Align the front knee directly over or slightly behind the ankle. Pause at the end of the movement. Then, push off the back leg while extending the hips and knees and return to the starting position. Perform 8 to 20 repetitions to fatigue, adjusting the reps based on overall workout time and goals. Perform the exercise on both sides of the body.

Safety Tips:

While lunging, maintain a stable stance with the shoulders aligned over the hips and the pelvis level. Contract, or brace, the abdominal muscles to help stabilize the trunk. Keep the head level, eyes looking forward and don’t allow the front knee to travel beyond the ankle.

Reverse lunges from BOSU start

Reverse lunge from BOSU end