Prone Plank with Mini Ball

Purpose: The ball helps find neutral spinal alignment while encouraging body awareness in the plank.

Engagement: The entire anterior kinetic chain engages to hold the body up against gravity. The posterior kinetic chain stabilizes the joints to allow the anterior chain to work efficiently.

Movement: Lie prone on forearms in plank position over ball, which is exactly under navel. Elbows are bent at 90 degrees under shoulders, forearms are neutral, thumbs up. Extend legs or drop knees to floor. "Squish" ball, then pull navel away by drawing ribs and hips closer to each other to brace core.

Lift abdominals up and away from ball, and slightly protract scapulae. Stay in contact with the ball, but do not rest on it--it should retain its spherical shape. Lengthen spine to form perfectly aligned plank.