The goal of this exercise is to challenge muscular endurance and strength in the gluteals, hamstrings and lumbar spinal extensor muscles, as well as prone balance, core stabilization and shoulder girdle stabilization.

Contact Points

Keep one foot on the floor and lift one leg at a time to make the exercise easier. Keep the hands and toes off the floor between sets to make it more challenging.

Visual Affect

Focus the gaze directly down for less balance challenge. Turn the head to one side and visually track the hand/heel touch for more balance challenge.

External Stimulus

Hold a soft, weighted fitness ball in the hand that is reaching back for more balance challenge.


Keep the arms extended and simply bend one knee at a time without the heel touch for an easier variation. Touch both heels simultaneously for more balance challenge.

Set-up and Alignment

Lie prone with the hips and abdomen centered on the dome. Rest the elbows on the floor in front of the dome. Extend the legs and rest the toes on the floor behind the dome.


Simultaneously extend the spine and the hips until the body is parallel to the floor. When balance and stabilization are established in this position, slowly flex one knee and reach back with the same side hand to touch the heel. Pause at the end of the movement. Then, extend the arm and leg and return to the starting position. Repeat on the other side. Perform 8 to 20 repetitions to fatigue, alternating sides and adjusting the reps based on overall workout time and goals.

Safety Tips

Move slowly and smoothly, avoiding momentum or ballistic movement while extending the hips and spine. Limb length and body mass will affect body positioning and balance on the dome. If the body tips in either direction (toward the head or feet), the positioning of the hips and abdomen on the dome may need to be adjusted forward back slightly. Do not lift the head and hyper extend the cervical spine.