Oblique Twists Using RBT

Work your Obliques in a unique way with CrossCore Cable System.

• Attach a weighted resistance
• Unclipping one handle and looping it through itself and clipping the carabiner back onto the oval ring

• Grasping the free handle, stand far enough away from the anchor point so that the end clipped to the weighted resistance is slightly raised off the ground.
• Control all motions to insure the weighted end stays off the ground, until the exercise is completed.

• Start by placing your R kneed down on the floor, grasping the handle with both hands directly in front of your chest.
• Slowly twist away from the anchor point and across your R knee.
• Perform 12-15 reps, then repeat on the L side.

Oblique twists with RBT start

Oblique twists using RBT end